D NTW 20
Country of Origin South Africa
Manufacturer Denel Land Systems
Designed 1995
Type Anti-Material Rifle
Caliber 20 × 82mm, 20 × 110mm Hispano, 14.5 × 114mm
Action Bolt action, recoiling barrel
Fire Modes N/A
Damage  ???
Capacity 3
Weight 68 lb
RPM  ???
Cost to buy Undefined
Cost to sell Undefined
The NTW-20 is a South African anti-materiel rifle or large-calibre sniper rifle, developed by Denel Mechem in the 1990s.

It is intended for deployment against a wide variety of targets, including parked aircraft, telecommunication masts, power lines, missile sites, radar installations, refineries, satellite dishes, gun emplacements, bunkers and personnel, using a range of specialized projectiles. As with other weapons of this type, it can also be used for counter sniping and ordnance disposal (shooting explosive ordnance from a safe distance).

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