Country of Origin Germany
Manufacturer Heckler & Koch
Designed 2001
Type Personal Defense Weapon/Submachine Gun
Caliber HK 4.6x30mm
Action Gas operated, short-stroke piston
Fire Modes Semi Automatic/Fully Automatic
Damage 22-15 (Low)
Capacity 40+1
Weight 4.19 lb
RPM 950
Cost to buy Undefined
Cost to sell Undefined
The MP7 is a German Personal Defence Weapon (PDW) manufactured by Heckler & Koch (H&K) and chambered for the HK 4.6×30mm cartridge. It was designed with the new cartridge to meet NATO requirements published in 1989, as these requirements call for a personal defense weapon (PDW) class firearm, with a greater ability to defeat body armor than current weapons limited to conventional pistol cartridges.

The MP7 went into production in 2001. It is a direct rival to the FN P90, also developed in response to NATO's requirement. The weapon has been revised since its introduction and the current production version is the MP7A1.

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