IMI Galil ACE 23
Country of Origin Israel
Manufacturer Israel Weapon Industries
Designed 2013
Type Assault Rifle
Caliber 5.56x45mm NATO
Action Gas operated
Fire Modes Semi Autmatic/Fully Automatic
Damage 30-22 (Medium)
Capacity 35
Weight 7.6lb
RPM 700
Cost to buy Undefined
Cost to sell Undefined
The Galil ACE is an assault rifle developed and manufactured by IWI.and also manufactured by Indumil. The ACE family assault rifles are based upon the reliable mechanism of the famous Galil assault rifle. The ACE incorporates enhanced human engineering and ergonomics with the demands of the modern battlefield. The ACE family assault rifles offer the ultimate solutions for today's modern warfare requirements of high accuracy and reliability.

The ACE assault rifle is battle proven under the most extreme conditions worldwide.The ACE family assault rifles are versatile weapons with multiple picatinny rails which serves as a platform in order to mount a wide array of optical device and diverse accessories. Nonetheless, after all of these advances the Ace is still very user friendly and simple to maintain.


Damage = 30 - 22 (medium)
Velocity = high
Effective range = 400 yards (maximum range = 600 yards)
Penetration = fair
Rate of fire = 700 RPM
Magazine capacity = 35+ 1
Reload speed = medium
Recoil = medium
Recoil type = normal
Accuracy = good
Mobility = good
Price = expensive

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