KAC "Chainsaw"
Country of Origin United States
Manufacturer Knight's Armament Company
Designed 2008
Type Machine-gun
Caliber 5.56x45mm NATO
Action Gas operated
Fire Modes Fully Automatic
Damage Undefined
Capacity 200
Weight 11.68 lb?
RPM 550
Cost to buy Undefined
Cost to sell Undefined
The KAC Chain SAW is a prototype Light-Machine gun system produced by the Knight's Armament Company.


Damage = 30 - 22 (medium)

Velocity = high

Effective range = 500 yards? (maximum range = 900 yards)

Penetration = low (only thin materials)

Rate of fire = 600 rpm

Magazine capacity = 100 or 200

Reload speed = slow

Recoil = non existent

Recoil type = normal

Accuracy = medium

Mobility = fair

Price = moderately expensive

Special Attachments/PropertiesEdit

Top rail accessories:

Fixed chainsaw grip (cannot be removed)

Side rail accessories:

Laser aiming module

Bottom rail accessories:

M203 grenade launcher (only LMG which can use this)


Barrel attachments:

Suppressor (only LMG which can use this)

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