Country of Origin Neo United States
Manufacturer Magnum Armories
Designed 2013-2018
Type Experimental Weapon
Caliber .2000 SHRED
Action Electronically Fired
Fire Modes Fully Automatic
Damage  ???
Capacity TBD
Weight 30 lb
RPM 10,000
Cost to buy $300,000
Cost to sell Undefined
The STAMPEDE is an electronically initiated superposed load weapon designed by Magnum Armories. The STAMPEDE was designed as an experimental weapon. Its main purpose is to wipe out waves of infantry or act as an area denial weapon if used correctly. The STAMPEDE utilizes a .2000 SHRED caseless catridge which was designed by Turtoise Defense System and is x7 bigger than 7.62x51; having higher stopping power and velocity. This round can only be used on this weapon system.

The STAMPEDE is outfitted with 4 barrels fitted diagonally; each barrel has an RPM of 2500 which in terms equals out to 10,000 RPM with 166 rounds per second. The weapon system has interchangable barrels which also act as the loading mechanism for the rounds are already preloaded into the barrels via machines. There is no way to reload this weapon when you run out of rounds in your barrels; they must be loaded directly through these barrels.

The weapon system weighs around 30 pounds. This weapon system can be outfitted with optics. The weapon system can also be mounted. The weapon system will fire indefinitely through harsh weather conditions or damage due to the electronic firing mechanism. The only time the weapon system will fail is if there is an electro magnetic pulse.

The Stampede uses an ammo management system that is carried on the operators back that autoloads the rounds/magazines after each full discharge.


Upgraded version of the stampede. The Mark II is emp proof, has unique aesthetics, and an id locking system that locks out anyone other than the id soldier from firing the weapon system.


  • The STAMPEDE uses the same loading and firing technology of the Metal Storm Systems.
  • The idea of the STAMPEDE was from various ideas and concepts thrown around of making a man portable Metal Storm System. The idea was inspired further when the authors saw the Typhoon from Crysis 3.