Country of Origin Italy
Manufacturer Franchi S.p.A.
Designed 1986
Type Combat Shotgun
Caliber 12 gauge
Action Pump Action, Gas actuated
Fire Modes Pump Action/Semi Automatic
Damage  ???
Capacity 6+1
Weight 8.5 lb
RPM  ???
Cost to buy Undefined
Cost to sell Undefined
The SPAS-15 is a dual-mode 12 gauge combat shotgun manufactured by the Italian company Luigi Franchi S.p.A.. The weapon is based on the SPAS-12, and has similar pump-action/semi-automatic firing modes.

In semi-automatic mode a gas piston drives a bolt carrier and rotating bolt. In pump-action mode the same components are driven by sliding the fore-end backwards. Pump-action mode is required to reliably fire low-pressure (less lethal) ammunition such as tear gas rounds or less-lethal bean bags.

Switching between firing modes is done by pressing a button above the foregrip, and sliding the foregrip slightly forwards or backwards. The barrel is chrome lined and features screw-in choke tubes.

Unlike its predecessor, the SPAS-15 is fed by a detachable box magazine. The gun features a folding stock and a pistol grip safety.

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